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GIScience Research and Learning Facilities

Geographic Information Science (GIScience) and geospatial technology is integral to the success of many critical research and teaching programs at Kansas State University, including those dealing with aspects of agricultural biosecurity, environmental security, strategic cultural intelligence, food safety and security, research on groundwater-based economies, civic discourse and democracy, human dimensions of global environmental change, and natural resource sustainability. GIScience and geospatial technologies provide a significant ‘value-added’ component to established research thrusts at K-State, can lead to innovative interdisciplinary teaching and research programs, and serve as an effective faculty and student recruiting and retention tool.

Current areas of research expertise at K-State include satellite remote sensing, cartography and geographic visualization, ecosystem informatics, spatiotemporal modeling and geocomputation, rural resource sustainbility, precision agriculture, and water resources.  Emerging areas of expertise include public health GIS, spatial epidemiology, and UAV development.  Faculty and staff researchers are positioned in several colleges across the Kansas State University campus.

Below is a list of active research laboratories and available instructional facilities.  See the links on the left for further information about GIScience faculty, projects, and sources of geospatial data.  Do you have a facility that should be listed here?  If so, please complete this online form to help us improve the Kansas State University GIScience Virtual Collaboratory.

Research Laboratories

Geographic Information Systems Spatial Analysis Laboratory (GISSAL) Seaton 3014C

The Geographic Information Systems Spatial Analysis Laboratory (GISSAL) at Kansas State University is an award-winning multidisciplinary research center with international scope.  Since 1990, GISSAL faculty, staff, and students have specialized in GIScience research, education, and outreach activities.  GISSAL has been recognized as a National Center for Digitizing Excellence by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and was a key contributor to the Esri Special Achievement in GIS Award for Agriculture awarded to Kansas State University in 2005.

Instructional Facilities

geoSMART Learning Laboratory Seaton 3014A

The Department of Geography and Geospatial Sciences operates a newly renovated instructional facility equipped with 35 quad-core Dell Precision 5810 and 5820 computer workstations and large-format monitors.  Installed software packages include ArcGIS Desktop Advanced, ArcGIS Pro, ENVI, R, Python, GitHub, and NetLogo.