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Esri Software and Resources

About Our Esri Site License

The K-State Esri Multi-Institution Higher Education Site License is for all university faculty, staff, students, and administrative units.  Among other benefits, this agreement allows the university community to install and use Esri software products on both university-owned and personal computers.  Licenses for using ArcGIS software last for one year and typically expire in late spring.  New licenses, or provisioning files, are made available prior to the end of each academic year upon site license renewal.  Currently, the entire cost of the Esri software site license is paid for by K-State Libraries, so please thank Dean Lori Goetsch for supporting geospatial teaching and research at Kansas State University!

Downloading Esri Software and Provisioning Files

K-State faculty, staff, and students with a valid K-State eID and password may access our central Esri Software Server to download Esri software and provisioning files for the current academic year. Before beginning, please read the guides Install ArcGIS Desktop or Install ArcGIS Pro.

For users of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server, current provisioning files service versions 10.1 through 10.8.  Be sure to select the correct provisioning file for “single use”  (individual computers) or “concurrent use” (client licensing from a server).  The concurrent use provisioning filed support 99 simultaneous users and are ideal for laboratory settings. For more information about how to correctly use provisioning files, see the relevant help file for your version of ArcGIS or the README_UseProvisioningFiles.txt available in the same folder as the actual provisioning files.  

Another option for students wishing to use Esri software on their personal computers is to contact their course instructor or visit the Geographic Information Systems Spatial Analysis Laboratory (Seaton 3014C) to obtain a student evaluation version of the ArcGIS for Desktop software which is valid for education use only and for a period of one year.  Student evaluation versions of Esri software are full-featured and have the exact same capabilities as software provided by Esri through the university site license agreement.  Evaluation software for personal computers can be installed using either a DVD or downloaded directly from Esri should your machine not have an optical drive.  

ArcGIS Online for Organizations

ArcGIS Online is a complete, cloud-based, collaborative content management system that lets users and organizations manage their geographic information in a secure and configurable environment. The platform provides an on-demand infrastructure for creating web maps, web-enabling your data, sharing your map, data, and applications, and managing content and multiple users from your organization. It includes basemaps, data for your maps, applications, configurable templates, and GIS tools and APIs for developers. 

A Kansas State University ArcGIS Online for Organizations subscription is included with the university's Esri site license agreement, but access first requires users to link their personal Esri accounts to the K-State organization. Refer to Link Your Esri Account to K-State for a step-by-step guide.

For most K-State GIS users, the recommended method for linking an account is Option 2 with allows users to create a new account using their K-State eID and password.  Option 1 provides the ability to link existing personal Esri accounts to K-State, but with some negative consequences.  To begin Option 2, complete the form Link Existing Esri Account to K-State.

Effective June 2020, all previous members of K-State's ArcGIS Online for Organizations had their accounts transitioned to the "GIS Professional Advanced" user type and the "Publisher" role.  Each member has also been granted 500 credits for personal use and complementary access to web-based learning through the Esri Academy.  Among other benefits, the GIS Professional Advanced user type automatically permits use of ArcGIS Pro (with all extensions) and access to the applications including the ArcGIS Urban Suite Bundle (ArcGIS Urban and CityEngine), ArcGIS Business Analyst Web and Mobile Apps, ArcGIS Community Analyst, ArcGIS Insights, GeoPlanner for ArcGIS, and Redistricting Online.  These credentials will also be applied by default to all future members of the organization.

ArcGIS Pro Licensing

Users of ArcGIS Pro are encouraged to license their software using a Named User license type.  To obtain a Named User license, your personal Esri account should be linked to K-State's ArcGIS Online for Organizations.  See the section above for more information about linking your personal Esri account to K-State and the Installation Guide - ArcGIS Pro for details.

Important Note for Instructors

K-State instructors who wish to have their students granted access to K-State's ArcGIS Online for Organizations or who need their students to have access to ArcGIS Pro through a Named User license should refer them to this site and have them read the guides Link Your Esri Account to K-State and Installation Guide - ArcGIS Pro.  It is recommended that students use Option 2 to link a personal Esri account with K-State.  With the new enterprise login capability enabled in June 2020, students can now join K-State's ArcGIS Online for Organizations themselves using only their eID and password.  

Online Training with Esri Academy

K-State's Esri site license agreement also makes free enrollments available for most courses comprising the Web-based curriculum of the Esri Academy.  These courses are self-paced and typically range from 3 to 21 hours in duration. Our site license agreement also allows for significant cost savings should someone be interested in traveling to an Esri office for "in person" Instructor-Led training classes.

Complimentary access to Esri Academy courses is granted through personal Esri accounts linked to K-State's ArcGIS Online for Organizations.  See the section ArcGIS Online for Organizations above for more information about linking your personal Esri account to K-State.

The K-State community is welcome to complete available Esri Academy courses informally or as part of an independent study course such a GEOG 795 Topics in Geographic Information Science in consultation with a faculty member.

Other Site License Benefits

The Kansas State University community can also take advantage of a number of additional resources to further their GIS knowledge.  Contact K-State/Esri Support Staff member to obtain the Kansas State University customer number where required.

  • Esri Maps for Office - create and share maps using Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.  Membership in K-State's ArcGIS Online for Organizations is required. 
  • Esri Press - order books from Esri Press at a reduced rate in accordance with the educational software site license agreement.
  • Esri Press Desk Copy Request Form - request complimentary Esri Press books to consider for course adoption.
  • HIGHERED-L Listserv - receive advice and discuss the use of GIS for other educators.
  • EdCommunity Portal - exchange ideas, experiences, curriulum, data, and more with educators from around the world.
  • Request Free Student Software - free 1-year ArcGIS for Desktop Education Edition license for student's home use.
  • Esri Events - obtain free, or reduced rate, registrations to Esri events such as the popular International User Conference held annually in San Diego.

K-State/Esri Support Staff

Please direct questions and inquiries related to Esri software, Esri Training, and other site license benefits to your K-State/Esri support staff member:

  • Dr. Shawn Hutchinson (3018 Seaton Hall) - College of Architecture, Planning, and Design; College of Arts and Sciences; College of Business Administration; College of Education; College of Health and Human Sciences; K-State Salina Campus; K-State Olathe; College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dr. Aleksey Sheshukov (0044 Seaton Hall) - College of Engineering
  • Dr. Dan Sullins (1602 Throckmorton) - College of Agriculture