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GIScience Virtual Collaboratory

Frequently Asked Questions

GIS Certificate Programs

What courses can be used to satisfy the "one additional class with 50% or more GIS content" requirement of the Undergraduate Certificate in GIS?

The intent of this requirement is to provide students with a mechanism to customize their certificate program of study while expanding their GIS and GIScience skillset.  A number of courses offered at Kansas State University can be used to meet this requirement as long as it can be justified that the primary emphasis of the elective course better prepares a student for using GIS as a research tool, conducting spatial analysis, working with spatial data, designing geodatabases, preparing Web-based GIS services and applications, etc.  If you have a specific course in mind, discuss your interest with the certificate director to make sure it will be accepted.  By far, the most popular courses selected to fulfill this requirement is GEOG 700 Quantitative Analysis in Geography or GEOG 711 Topics in Remote Sensing.

GIS Training

Are there any options students wanting to enhance their GIS skills outside of the traditional classroom?

Yes!  Through an educational software site license agreement with Esri, Kansas State University can offer students free enrollments for most courses comprising the Web-based curriculum of Esri Training.  Those interested in reviewing available online courses should visit the Esri Training site, click Catalog, and choose Find Training.  Free enrollments apply only to the E-Learning format.  Complete this online form to link you personal Esri account with the K-State Organizational account to access free Esri Training courses. 

Esri Site License

Who do I contact if I want to install the ArcGIS software on my computer?

The K-State Esri Education Site License is for all university faculty, staff, students, and administrative units.  The site license allows the university community to use Esri software on university-owned computers, but does not allow for installation on personal computers.  Students wishing to use Esri software on their personal computers can request free ArcGIS for Desktop and Extensions Student Trial Software that is valid for education use only and for a one year period.  For assistance in obtaining Esri software and license files through the site license agreement, contact Dr. Shawn Hutchinson (164B, Seaton Hall) or Dr. Ram Raghavan (303, Coles Hall).

ArcGIS is telling me that my license will expire soon?  What do I need to do?

This is normal and happens every spring at K-State.  The university's higher education software site license agreement with Esri times out in early June each year.  Before your software is rendered inoperable, funds for renewing the agreement will be found and the bill for the next academic year paid.  Once its is paid, new ArcGIS licensing/provisioning files will be available for download from our central Esri Software Server (https://gis.ksu.edu/software/downloads/).  You must have a valid K-State eID and password to access this site.  Check the GIScience Virtual Collaboratory website for updates and consider subscribing to the ksu-esri@listserv.ksu.edu listserv to receive timely site license announcements.

I want to use ArcGIS Pro.  What do I need to do?

First, download and install your desired version of ArcGIS Pro from our central Esri Software Server (https://gis.ksu.edu/software/downloads/).  For licensing, the best option to to link your personal Esri account to K-State's ArcGIS Online for Organizations and then receive online authorization to use ArcGIS Pro.  Online forms have been created to assist users in this process, but this must be accomplished in two distinct steps.  First, click here to request an ArcGIS Online for Organizations account.  Once you have received an invitation to link your Esri account to K-State, then click here to have your account authorized to use ArcGIS Pro.  Do not submit these online forms concurrently.

How do I obtain a new license for ArcGIS 9.x?

It is recommended to remove ArcGIS 9.3 and install ArcGIS version 10.2 or higher.  All versions of ArcGIS Desktop prior to 10.2 have been retired, while versions 10.2-10.3.1 will enter the mature support cycle in 2019 or 2020 (click here for Esri Product Life Cycles).  No new patches, service packs, hot fixes, or certification for upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 are being provided.  However, we understand some applications have not yet been ported from 9.3.1 to 10.x.  We would highly recommend you investigate options for upgrading such tools to ArcGIS 10.x.  For those requiring ArcInfo Workstation, please note that it does not ship with ArcGIS 10.1.  The last release of Workstation was with ArcGIS 10.0.  If desired, ArcInfo Workstation 10.0 can be installed on the same machine with newer versions of ArcGIS Desktop, allowing existing and legacy applications running AML to continue to work.